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Our Team
We are a team of Data Scientists, multiple Masters degrees with expertise in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Parry Bedi
Loves solving business problems with technology. Fluent in 4 human and 8 programming languages.
Sami Kaipa
Serious about finding simple yet elegant solutions to complex problems. Seeking Zen, has found nuggets of it in music and travel.
Amol Damare
Software Developer
Gets a kick out of solving hard technical challenges. Roots for Arsenal F.C. and tries to save the world from time to time on Call Of Duty.
Allan Lin
Software Developer
Third culture veteran. Always looking for creative solutions to any challenge. Most likely found on the links in search for a hole-in-one.
John Bussiere
HCI Designer
Recent transplant from Brooklyn. Loves investigating new media and new modes of interaction.
Qiang Li
Software Developer
People say San Francisco is much cooler than Arizona, and that's why I moved here.
Sean Kim
Customer Success Associate
Passionate sales person/marketer who's interested in building up online communities and lasting relationships. Enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures.
Heather Wendlandt
Director of Sales
Avid early adopter of new research techniques while still being grounded in 14 years of industry experience - working with dozens of big-name brands.

GlimpzIt is on a mission to build AI that understands emotions and behaviors as well as humans do. We're growing fast and are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about shaping this future. Sounds interesting?

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