Customer Intelligence

AI that understands behaviors and emotions as well as humans do.

How It Works

1. Start a conversation by typing in a prompt

The prompt can be a question, a call to action, or really any query you like.

2. Specify target audience & sources

Target on demographics, psychographics etc, and select data sources:

1) Social media including the visual web
2) GlimpzIt Crowd, our 15M strong respondent network
3) Your own customers


Asian American

3. View resulting insights

GlimpzIt cleans and curates the data, analyzes the inputs, and generates insights.


80% cost savings as compared to other methodologies.

Understand qualitative consumer behaviors and emotions at scale.

Meaningful insights, intuitive visualizations and a powerful set of tools to help you make sense of the data trove.

Quick iterative agile process, start broad and then progressively drill deeper into key areas all in real-time.

See for Yourself!