GlimpzIt Frequently Asked Questions


What is GlimpzIt?

GlimpzIt is AI Powered Customer Intelligence. Today GlimpzIt can assist you with 3 distinct marketing areas:

  1. Customer Intelligence
  2. Marketing Content
  3. Customer Engagement

How is GlimpzIt priced?

We offer a variety of plans to fit your business needs. Please contact or give us a call at 415.857.4569 to learn more.


How can I learn more about the solutions and use cases of GlimpzIt?

The GlimpzIt platform delivers solutions for uncovering consumer insights, generating marketing content, and executing highly engaging campaigns. Check out the Platform pages and their underlying Use Cases page for more info.

Where can I learn more about how to use GlimpzIt?

Check out our Feature Guide, which walks you through the mechanics of running a conversation, and also describes particular features in greater detail. Alternatively, feel free to drop us a line.

How do I download Glimpzes (images/videos and other meta-data like demographics and short text associated with the images)?

Just press the download button from the Glimpzes dashboard, and you'll be given the option to download Glimpzes or a CSV file! In case you want to learn more about this or other specific features, we have a good set of help documentation available at the docs page.

How can I share the results of a conversation on GlimpzIt?

There are three levels to choose from for sharing. You can make your conversation fully public, so it's accessible and searchable by anyone, you can share by secret link, so that only users with the link can see the conversation, or you can privately share to a named user by email address.

Is it possible to do longitudinal studies with GlimpzIt?

Yes, absolutely! Many of our clients use a series of GlimpzIt conversations to track behaviors and sentiment over time.

As an insights professional I am a big believer in understanding people's behaviors and emotions towards our products and services. However, I always worry about statistical significance of qualitative data (pictures and videos). How can GlimpzIt address this challenge?

GlimpzIt is a true "quali-quant"" platform. For every Glimpz response, we provide an option to crowd-source at least 5 peer evaluations. Even with only 50 responses you are guaranteed 300 data points (50 responses + 250 evaluations). These data points, when mixed with other passive measures, such as mobile machine sensing and geo-location, give GlimpzIt the ability to quantify what is inherently a qualitative answer to your conversation. A big benefit of this approach is that the insights you receive are truly reflective of the audience you are targeting; not just one person's opinion.


What is a conversation?

At GlimpzIt we hate complexity. In fact our adopted tagline is "The ML platform for marketers, not data scientists". Keeping with that vision, GlimpzIt's platform centers around the concept of a conversation. Interested in insights from ITDMs within the financial industry? Start a conversation. Want to create content that will resonate with Asian American millennials? Start a conversation. A conversation encapsulates your business question (called a prompt), the targeting data (so you can reach your audience) and unstructured responses to the question (called Glimpzes).

What is a conversation prompt?

The prompt can be a question, a call to action, or really any text you like. For example, you can ask GlimpzIt to directly reach out to people within a certain demographic and ask them for their opinion on the packaging for a particular product.

What is a Glimpz?

A Glimpz is a single response to your conversation and consists of either a visual (image or a short video) or a text message, or any combination of these.

Can you tell me more about the evaluation process?

Sure! After Glimpzes are collected, and filtering and curation are completed, each Glimpz is evaluated by a respondent peer group. A GlimpzIt peer group is an independent group of evaluators with identical demographics to the original targeted respondent set. So if you wanted to have a conversation with 18-34 year-olds living in the US Midwest, the evaluators will fit the same profile as well. These evaluators are asked to provide a thumbs up or down in response to how well a Glimpz resonated with them, and optionally comment on the Glimpz. This evaluation process quantifies your data and helps you measure factors such as "virality" and "crowd resonance".

How long does a typical GlimpzIt conversation take?

It depends. When using passive data sources (e.g. social media, customer reviews), the process is virtually instantaneous. When using direct solicitation (through GlimpzIt Crowd or your own panel), the entire process including sourcing, cleansing, and analysis (with crowd-sourced evaluations) is extremely fast. You can expect to see the results on your summary dashboard within 72 hours of submitting your conversation.

What does a typical deliverable look like if I run a conversation?

GlimpzIt delivers a continuous live stream of rich curated content as your conversation is running. Then, once your conversation completes, your dashboard becomes a dynamic set of tools to make sense of the data, with a tagging framework, an exhaustive set of filtering capabilities and summarized visualizations of resulting insights. To find out more create a free account and look at any of the sample completed conversations.

Can I ask a series of questions in a single conversation or does the GlimpzIt platform limit it to one per conversation?

You can ask a series of questions. However, keeping with the paradigm of a true conversation, we limit each GlimpzIt conversation to one question at a time. In our experience this has two key benefits:

  1. Even with direct solicitation, on an average it takes less than 24 hours for the system to complete a conversation, you can ask meaningful follow-up questions based on what you have learned rather than be forced to design a questionnaire based on pre-defined assumptions. You "converse" in GlimpzIt just like you would converse with someone in real life.
  2. Again for direct solicitation scenarios, the cost is much lower in terms of effort required of respondents. Given consumer attention spans today and the fact that folks are increasingly, if not exclusively, responding on mobile, keeping the length of interaction (LOI) with consumers to a minimum ensures that you consistently get high quality data.

Is it possible to target the same set of respondents for a follow up conversation?

For direct solicitation scenarios, we do provide the ability to reach back out to a previously targeted respondent so that you can dig deeper and perform longitudinal studies.

Is there an upper limit to the number of Glimpzes I can request for my conversation?

No, you can request as many Glimpzes as you like. However, a few things to note:

  1. When using GlimpzIt Crowd, we source at least 5 additional peer evaluations per Glimpz response. Thus, even with only 100 responses, you are guaranteed 600 data points (100 Glimpzes + 500 evaluations).
  2. When mining the open internet (social media etc.) we look through 1000's of data points and present you with the top 25 that best match your conversation prompt. If you would like to see more data by default, you can adjust that in your account settings.


What is GlimpzIt Engine? How does it draw out insights (tags) from pictures, videos and text?

GlimpzIt Engine is the technology backbone of GlimpzIt. Think of it as the brain! It utilizes both NLP and Machine Learning to draw out a deeper understanding of unstructured data. GlimpzIt Engine is so powerful that it can decipher not only what each piece of data is showing, but also why. It's as if each and every data point was analyzed by a trained analyst to derive a human-level understanding of the world.