Your AI Marketing Assistant
GlimpzIt analyzes unstructured data (pictures, videos and text),
enabling you to build personalized offerings that resonate with your customers on a deep emotional level.
Start a Conversation
Simply type in your prompt and customize your unique mobile conversation page. Your prompt can be a question, a call to action, a picture you want feedback on, or really whatever you like.
Broadcast to Your Audience
Collect responses by sharing your conversation page on social media or by emailing your desired audience. If you need more responses from a wider audience, you can even leverage the 6 million strong Glimpzit Crowd.
Watch the Live Stream
People respond from their mobile devices with a Glimpz, which is the combination of an image or 15 second video, and a short text message. A Glimpz gives you a window into people's lives, desires and deepest emotions. Watch these Glimpzes stream into your interactive dashboard in real time.
Check Crowd Resonance
Validate whether a Glimpz response is a single person's opinion or truly reflective of your audience. Before the final analysis, each Glimpz is reviewed by a select, independent group of evaluators with identical demographics to the original audience, thereby giving you a true measure of crowd resonance.
GlimpzIt AI Analyzes Inputs
GlimpzIt's artificial intelligence engine delivers a human level understanding of visuals, revealing not only content, but emotions, behaviors and sentiment.
View Resulting Insights
Use GlimpzIt's analytics tools to view insights, monitor engagement metrics, and access quantified summaries. Discover trends, understand behaviors and make vital business decisions.
It's that easy.
GlimpzIt is for Anyone and Everyone
Students, Artists, Marketers, Market Researchers, Sports fans, Teachers, Companies and Moms all use GlimpzIt